• As the agency side of our business, this is a commission only service, meaning that there are no upfront charges and payment takes place as part of your publishing deal.

  • We read every submission and respond to everyone with constructive feedback within 12 weeks.

  • We're open for fiction submissions at the moment across a range of genres. 

  • What we currently don't accept: children's, non-fiction, poetry, short stories or YA.

  • Please do not just submit to us for feedback. We need a complete manuscript, and we do offer a mentoring service if you need help working on your book. 

  • You are welcome to submit to other agents simultaneously, but let us know if you are signed up by someone else during the submission process. 

  • Please send us a cover email including: about you, the book genre, blurb, inspirations, comparable authors and why yours will stand out. 

    Attach your synopsis (you'll find a useful guide to writing one at Writers & Artists) and first three chapters in the following format:

    • Word document. Arial. 12 point. Double spaced. Numbered pages.


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